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Rule 1: You need somewhere to fit your cake! ​​
The wedding day is a special time in every person’s life, and that goes beyond the bride and groom. It can also be a day to remember for the family members and friends, those special people who turn up to celebrate the day alongside the happy couple. This is why choosing the right wedding venue is so important. After all, you need somewhere for everybody to congregate and have fun after the wedding formalities have been completed. But where to start? Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect wedding venue.

1. Size matters

This is where you need to look at your guest list. It’s no good hiring a small barn if you are inviting the world and it’s aunt (slight exaggeration). Similarly, you shouldn’t go all out and hire a king-size venue if you are inviting a small gathering. The venue will only seem underpopulated. So, tally up your guest list. If you only have the budget for a smaller venue, whittle down the list. If you have the money to spare, bulk up your guest list to fill up that luxury venue you have set your eyes on. Size matters, so know how many guests you intend to invite before you book anywhere.

2. The importance of location

While the venue is important, the locale may also play a part in your wedding dream. You might want a country wedding, for example, with scenic beauty to complement your day. But wherever you choose, the venue needs to be easily accessible to all your wedding guests, and preferably somewhere near the wedding ceremony. It would be terrible if they all got lost en route to the reception after you have tied the knot. Directions are a must! You might also have dreams of a wedding abroad, but you will be limiting the people you can invite - not everybody has the budget to hop on a plane unless you are prepared to add flight arrangements to your wedding budget. So, consider the location carefully. How close is it to the wedding? Does it match your vision? And will your guests be able to get there easily? All good questions you need to find the answers for.

3. Consider your theme

You can hold the wedding reception virtually anywhere, provided you adhere to the points we made above. No matter what your vision of a perfect wedding is, you should be able to find the perfect venue to match. Looking for something modern? Consider an art gallery. Want something rustic? Perhaps a barn or a ranch. Want to fulfil your Cinderella dream of luxury and a ballroom? The Casa Loma wedding venues are perfect. Considering a pirate theme (or at least something nautical), then hiring a boat at the side of a lake may be just the thing. Extend your imagination into what your ideal wedding looks like, and choose a venue to reflect your vision.


Size; location, and theme - the three ingredients to a perfect wedding venue. When considering each aspect, remember to budget too. There may be some areas where you need to compromise, although a wedding planner may be able to match your dream to your finances should you hire their services. Whatever you choose, stay true to yourself. While money issues will come into play, try and find somewhere that is reflective of you and the love you share with your partner. This will make it a day to remember, for everybody.

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Everyone always spends so much time focusing on the actual wedding because it’s just such a huge event. There’s so much to think about, so much preparation that needs to happen, and it’s just one of the best times of your life. But when the whirlwind of the wedding is all over, what is there left to do? Well, there’s actually a few things, and some people often forget about. So we’ve got a few things that you might need to add to your list to make sure the aftermath of your wedding is done smoothly.
The Guests

Your guests are the third most important people at the wedding, after you and your partner of course. So what people often forget to do is thank them for coming to your wedding. You can do this by sending out a thank you card from websites such as giftsin24.com, you could even add a little gift in there, or something from the wedding that they can keep with them forever. It might also be a nice idea to give them a few copies of photos from the night if they were included in them. Your photographer would have no doubt gone around taking a ton of pictures, it’ll be nice for them to remember the fun they had with the images.

The Honeymoon

The honeymoon is most likely something you will have thought about right from the very beginning. But a lot of people don’t actually start planning it until after the wedding because of expenses. However, you do need to have a rough idea of where you would like to go. A lot of people chose to jet off to a luxurious white sand and crystal blue sea destination. However, you can go absolutely anywhere in the world, it could even be a city break. Don’t break the bank just for your honeymoon. As long as you’re happy and you’re with each other, that is all that truly matters. There are specialist websites for booking a honeymoon, so you might be able to grab yourself a bargain from there. A lot of hotels and airlines also upgrade you when they find out what the special occasion is. So you could find yourself flying first class and staying in a luxurious suite for a fraction of the price it would usually cost.

The Memories

It’s important for you to have a way of remembering everything that was magical about your wedding. As we’ve said, you hopefully will have had a photographer taking photos of the whole day, so why not create a nice little scrapbook. Fill it with anything that is going to remind you of the day. It might be the card you wrote your vows on, pictures, or even silly little things like confetti. When the years go by and you pull out that scrap book, even the tiniest of things that you’ll have saved will make you smile. It’ll also be nice to show the scrapbook to the future generation.

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The Dress Matters has beautiful wedding dresses, but there is nothing like the bridal experiences offered at the boutique. One of the lovely experiences is the bridal brunch, which is held on Sunday mornings. While the bride tries on dresses, her entourage is treated to sweet treats and mimosas! You are given exclusive use of the boutique and other perks. It's an awesome way to select your dress. One of our bride's, Liz, had a great time with her crew and said yes to a beautiful dress. If you'd like to schedule a bridal brunch, call us at 610-566-5680. More information here.
Images by Jaime Muth
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When you are on the hunt for your ideal wedding venue, it can be such a tumultuous task, and when you pile on all of the other pressures involved in planning a wedding, the temptation to elope is at an all-time high! We've all thought about it! But a natural compromise for this would be to go and get married abroad. Lots of people do it now because they haven’t found an ideal venue local to them. But what are the pros and cons involved with getting married abroad? Let's answer the question.

It's The Dream Wedding You've Wanted

​Picking a location abroad in a sunny climate is the dream wedding we all want. Imagine how fantastic those pictures are going to look, and saying your vows on the top of a cliff, or on a beautiful beach, will just make the day even more special.

Do You Want Your Loved Ones There?

Of course, in planning a wedding in another country, you have to face the facts that maybe everyone won’t be able to come. If you really want the people important to you there, are you prepared to pay for them? There have been instances where parents haven't been able to come because they can't afford it. This can be very hurtful to both parties.

Are You Able To Organize Everything Properly?

Organizing a wedding in your own country is difficult enough, let alone doing it over the phone or through email. Lots of people go for wedding packages provided by specific venues abroad. The Venue Concierge in Calgary, Canada host wedding packages, but it's a hotel where everyone can stay. Automatically, this will reduce the need to research accommodation. But, if you can't afford a honeymoon, and you are using the location for the wedding as a vacation, do you want to spend your honeymoon period with all of your other family members? Think about this.

Are You Going To Have A Party When You Get Home?

Although planning a wedding abroad might work out cheaper, when you factor in other additional costs, such as exchange rates, transport, but also if you plan on having a party when you get home for those who can't make the wedding, is this going to bump up the cost overall? We all want our loved ones to be there on our special day, but is it a cost that we can do without?

At the end of the day, your decision on whether to have a wedding abroad or not is down to you and your partner. Every wedding, whether it's at home, or abroad, will always throw up concerns. And you can't please everyone. But remember, you want to look back on your wedding day as the most special day of your life, rather than it being a pile of stress. If you choose to have a wedding abroad, will you be adding to this stress? Of course, picking a new location abroad will have amazing benefits, and the photos will look fantastic, and it could double up as a honeymoon. But look at your own priorities, and decide if you really want to go abroad or not.

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Article by Uma Campbell                               

We all know that there are a lot of etiquette rules when it comes to weddings. Many of these guidelines were established years and decades ago, but today many of us are facing some new challenges when it comes to planning and hosting our weddings in the age of social media. Suddenly, we are navigating new territory and problems that didn’t even exist 10 or 20 years ago.

So, what is a bride or groom to do?
Thankfully, we have compiled the following guide on wedding etiquette in the age of social media so your big day is a success:

Personally tell your immediate family and close friends of your engagement BEFORE posting the announcement on social media. Trust us. Your parents, grandparents, siblings, and besties don’t want to read about the happy news, they want to hear it from you first. Afterwards, use social media to spread the word.

Do mail traditional invitations. It might seem wasteful when everyone is on social media, but actual paper invitations are still the best way to go. This will prevent people from overlooking an email, missing an event invite, or feeling unimportant. You don’t have to break the bank with fancy invitations, but you do need to make sure you send out invitations to prevent miscommunications and hurt feelings.

Be positive. Weddings are stressful and can cause a wide range of emotions and conflicts to rise to the surface. When using social media, either while planning or on the actual day, please avoid posting rants, off-color jokes, or venting publicly. It might be tempting, but negative posts only make you look bad and hurt others in the process. If you have a problem, confide to a friend or address the issue privately. This will save the drama and keep your wedding on track to be a happy event.

Keep the professional photographer. They have the experience, knowledge, and editing skills to capture your wedding day in the perfect light for years to come. You don’t want to miss out on professional pictures or regret it later when all you have are blurry images or selfies to display and show your grandchildren.

Spread the word that you would like to avoid people photographing or recording the ceremony. Put a polite announcement in your program and post signs telling others you want cell phones powered down during the ceremony. This will avoid cellphones, cameras, flashes, and even pushy amateur photographers from interfering with your hired photographer’s efforts or distracting from your vows.

Give your guests a hashtag. Social media is a great way to swap and share pictures from the wedding. Designate a hashtag to use for your special day and share it with your guests by posting it in common areas, such as: near the guest book, on tables, and at the front of the buffet lines. During the reception, people can post selfies, videos, and comments to create a wonderful resource. Think of this as an updated version of those disposable cameras that used to decorate tables at receptions.

No spoilers, please. Part of the fun of a wedding celebration is surprising your guests. Try to keep anything special under wraps by keeping it off social media until AFTER the ceremony. Brides and grooms (even family and bridal party members) shouldn’t post ahead of time of what is going to happen, especially about vows, entertainment, cakes, flowers, and ensembles. We want that element of surprise and it should be respected. Also, be careful not to post photos of the dress, the bride before her groom has seen her, and more! We want this day to be memorable!

Go ahead and snap a selfie or two! A walk down the aisle is all about you and your future spouse. So go ahead and document it with a few selfies here and there. Don’t be bashful, enjoy the moment and celebrate your happiness. Just remember to include your significant other in the pics because they are also a big part of the day. You don’t have to share all of them publicly, just make sure you get a few to treasure in the years to come.

Give yourself permission to step away from social media for the day. We all know that social media is going to be a big part of your wedding, but you can make a conscious choice to avoid letting it overtake the day. Take a few selfies and post an obligatory comment here and there, but don’t be consumed by social media. Ask a friend to take photos for you or to hold your phone so you can be in the moment, enjoying and savoring this special day.

What tips can you share about wedding etiquette in the age of social media?

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It's 2018 and if you are looking for a bridal dress, you'll want to keep an eye out for the bridal trends. Here are five great trends that we are seeing this year.
1. Halter Necklines

This style put the emphasis on your face and shows off your shoulders in a dress with an elegant halter neckline. It works for a range of body types, as it flatters the upper body and offers additional support for bustier brides. 
2. Dresses with Color

Dresses in pink, cocoa, champagne and gold tones are great for an evening affair under the stars, This trend is oh-so sophisticated! 
3. High Collar or Neckline

A high collar or neckline gives off seriously high-fashion vibes. Statement earrings and an updo complement the dress and gives a bride a regal feel.
4. Ballgowns

You can make a dramatic entrance in a classic ball gown is for you. They are pretty and let the bride make s statement. 
5. Bows

Bows have been hot for a few seasons, but this ultra-classic detail isn't going anywhere. This season, designers have bows on shoulders, back of dresses and on the waist. 

Visit The Dress Matters for trendy 2018 wedding dresses!

Top Image by Sheronda Seawright Photography
​Image 1, 2 & 4 by Morilee
Image 3 by Christina Wu
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We love the ethereal, desaturated shades of pink, known as pale pinks, also referred to all over social media as “millennial pink.” Whatever you choose to call it, this sweet set of colors has swept the fashion world. Each one so soft, so appealing, & so so perfect for a wedding palette! No longer relegated to little girls, this new rendition of pinks are current, hip and all the rage in the design world. The best of all? We love Pantone 489 U, We think it is the perfect combination of blush, pale pink and nude. Which one is YOUR favorite?
There are lots of ways to add pink to your wedding. Pale pink flowers are beautiful and make a great addition. 
Here is more pale pink inspiration at Bridal Boutiques.us
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Traditions are great but they get a bit boring sometimes. Weddings are one of those things where you feel obliged to do things a certain way because that’s how they’ve always been done, but if you stopped to think about it, you’d probably realised you're not bothered about half of that stuff. Having a traditional wedding isn’t that personal to you either. Most of the choices that you make are dictated by tradition rather than what you actually want to do. But a lot of those traditions are going out of the window and people are opting for something a bit different instead.

If you’re about to start planning your wedding and you want to put your own stamp on it, here are some great tips on planning a non-traditional wedding.

The Cake
Cutting the cake is a big part of the wedding ceremony and it usually involves a huge cake with loads of different layers, which comes with a hefty price tag as well. The thing is, half of it never gets eaten anyway so you end up spending loads of money for nothing. Even if you still want to have the cake cutting ceremony, you don’t need to shell out for an elaborate cake. Why not get something a bit smaller instead? You could even get a custom cake maker to create something that’s representative of your relationship, rather than the traditional white icing and ribbon, and decorate it in a more inventive way. When it comes to the cake itself, don’t feel obliged to go for the usual wedding cake, if you both love chocolate cake then get that instead, you’ll enjoy it much more and it won’t cost anywhere near as much.

The Rings

Diamonds are the go to stone for wedding rings and most people don’t even consider anything else. The thing is, diamonds aren’t that exciting or unique because everybody has one. If you want to set yourself apart, why not go for a different stone from somewhere like piedras preciosas? A ruby or an emerald is a bit more interesting than an old fashioned diamond and it’s something that is unique to the two of you.

Digital Invites

Sending out invites for your wedding is a lot more expensive than you might realize. All of those little costs add up to make the wedding very pricey. Instead of spending all that time and money on sending out paper invites, you can send digital invites instead. It makes it far easier to get them out to everybody and it’s way easier to keep track of RSVPs as well. You can still get creative with it and make them look nice. If you think that some of your older guests might struggle with the paperless invites, do a few standard ones and then send digital ones to the rest of your guests.

Another of those little details that add up to make the wedding expensive is the table decorations. But you can save a lot of money and make the whole experience a lot more personal by making them yourself. If you’re good with crafts, you can make some great professional looking centerpieces and your guests will never know the difference. Getting some of your bridesmaids and other guests to make decorations is a great way to get everybody involved in the wedding as well.

Do It Early

Most wedding ceremonies take place in the evening but if you do it earlier in the day, most things are going to cost you a lot less. Bands will still be able to book an evening gig if they’re doing your wedding in the morning so they aren’t likely to charge you as much. Most venues will charge less if you're having it in the morning as well. Having a wedding brunch instead of a late night party has a far more laid back atmosphere which is nice if you’re looking for something a bit more low-key. It does mean that you’ll have to be up at the crack of dawn to start getting ready but it’s worth it for the big savings that you’ll make.

Ditch The Church
If you’re a religious person then you’ll have your wedding in a church, but if you aren’t then there’s no need. A lot of people get married in church even if they aren’t religious because it’s traditional, but if you think about it, that’s a bit odd. There are all sorts of places you could have it instead which will be cheaper and make the whole day a lot more interesting. If you’re having a summer wedding you could have it outside somewhere nice. Once you get the idea of a church wedding out of your head, the possibilities are endless. Why not pick a place that’s special to the both of you? It’ll be a lot more meaningful than having a church wedding for the sake of it.

Make It A Surprise

This is a good option for some people but you’ve got to think about how your family will react, you don’t want to give anybody a heart attack. But if you think that it will go down well, planning the wedding as a surprise is the perfect way to make it a memorable day. Just invite all of your family and friends under the pretence of another event and once everybody is gathered, you can announce that you’re getting married. The only problem that you might have when planning a surprise wedding is that people are more likely to tell you that they can’t come. After all, they won’t be too worried about missing a lunch with family but they wouldn't miss your wedding. To get around it, you might have to let a few people in on the secret and get them to help you with convincing everybody else to come along.

When you’re planning your wedding, there’s no need to stick to traditions anymore. It might be worth keeping a few of them to keep older family members happy but you can use some of these suggestions to make it your own.

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Image by Katy Weaver Photography via The Knot
When guests come to your wedding reception, one  thing they want to find enjoyable is the food. So, why not give it to them in a creative way. A way to do this is with a food bar or food station. If there’s one thing that can make or break a wedding for a guest, it’s the food. When guests travel far and wide to dedicate a day—or weekend—to your celebration of love, a crowd-pleasing menu is a surefire way to make their time enjoyable. They can be set up during the cocktail hour or during the reception. Guests will love the customization and choices that a hearty food station provides, not to mention the interactive experience it evokes. Thus enables guests to mix and mingle even more.

There are countless options and there’s something for everyone. Here are eleven exciting options that you’ll love!
Cheese Station
A cheese station is great for cocktail hour. Your display might include a few types of cheeses, crackers and pepperoni.
Cupcake Bar
Instead of a wedding cake, go with a cupcake bar. Supply cupcakes that the guests can decorate themselves. You provide icing, sprinkles and candy toppings to make the perfect cupcake.
Veggie Bar
A great addition to a farm wedding or a cocktail hour is a vibrant veggie bar. Stock it with everything from broccoli to carrots to beets for healthy snack munchies.
Pretzel Bar
This bar is complete with a classic soft twist pretzel and pretzel bites. You can add decadent dips to dunk them into.
Bacon Bar
Your guest know everything is better with bacon! Give them options of chocolate covered bacon, honey jalapeño bacon, and alder smoked bacon.
Hot Chocolate Bar
This is wonderful for a winter wedding. A hot chocolate bar complete with warm, cozy treats like marshmallows and whipped cream will keep guests happy.
Pie Station
The station can have any pies you desire from decadent raspberry to mouthwatering blueberry. Add toppings, like sauces or berries so guests can make their own treat.
Popcorn Bar
It’s such a nice idea to offer guests a popcorn bar featuring different flavored popcorn. Finish the bar with different flavored spices for guests to experiment with.
Donut Bar
Donut bars are a trend at wedding and one that we like, Offer guests glazed, sugar, powdered, ring shaped donuts and donut holes.
S’mores Bar
Weddings are a great place to offer the classic s’more treats! Decorate the station with marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate. Guests will have fun making their own.
Ice Cream Station
For summer weddings, your guests will thank you for an ice cream station. It’s a delicious way to beat the heat! Let guests make a sundae with fun flavored ice cream and topping.

What other bar or station ideas do you have or have seen at a wedding? Share your ideas with us. We would love to hear about them!

​Pretzel image via Crafty Pie Press
Donut image via Irene Tyndal Events
<![CDATA[Steps to Planning Your Wedding]]>Wed, 27 Dec 2017 19:58:24 GMThttp://thedressmatters.com/blog/steps-to-planning-your-wedding
Did you just get engaged? Once the initial shock of being engaged wears off you'll need to start making decisions for your upcoming nuptials. Here are the 9 important things you need to do to jump start your wedding planning.

​Set a Timetable
The minute you get engaged, everyone will be asking for your wedding date. But in reality, you won't be able to set an exact date until other major decisions, like booking your venue are made. So first, focus on determining a range of dates that'll work for you. The average engagement lasts 15 months, but also think about what season you'd prefer, any major holidays or family events you'd like to avoid conflicting with, and how long you predict you'll need to plan.

Dream Up Your Style and Pick a Location
Before you try on a wedding dress, book a band or sample a bite of cake, look at the big picture and imagine what kind of style you want for your wedding. Where do you want to hold it and what do you see? You may envision a candlelit ceremony, walking barefoot on a beach, or a ceremony in a botanical garden. Also think about a big wedding with everyone you know or an intimate wedding with close family and friends. It's great to select a theme for your wedding. To get ideas, view magazines, books and real weddings online, but don't limit yourself to the obvious sources. Something as unlikely as a wallpaper pattern, a scene from a favorite movie, or a family heirloom can spark your creativity. There is inspiration all around you! 

Set Your Budget
Sit down and figure out how much you can afford and what others can contribute. This number will affect every decision and purchase you make, so be sure to work out your budget before you start planning with your wedding. This will give you a realistic picture about what you can spend. 

Draft a Guest List
As you begin to build your guest list, you'll need to consider a number of factors. If you have a particular ceremony or reception site in mind, for instance, you're going to be limited by how many people it can accommodate. Also, keep in mind that more guests means higher prices, as catering costs are generally calculated on a per-head basis. So, in addition to location, your budget will have a big influence on the size of your guest list.

Register (Prior to Your Engagement Party!)
Since you are now engaged, there will likely be engagement parties, bridal showers and well-wishing relatives in your future, If you register early, they will appreciate your foresight. And although gifts are optional for engagement parties, some of your guests may want to give you something to commemorate the occasion, so register for at least a few items beforehand so they don't have to ask what you'd like or need. 

Choose Your Wedding Party
Now it's time to propose to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Remember, the earlier you ask, the sooner you can enlist their help. And keep in mind that your wedding party is agreeing to spend their money and donate their time—be considerate and kind by informing everyone about all your plans (including costs for attire, bachelor and bachelorette parties and more), showing them a good time and making sure they know how much you appreciate them.

Consider a Consultant
If you're super-busy, have demanding jobs or want to plan a wedding weekend, then you should hire a full-time wedding planner to help you prepare your entire event, from the engagement party to the honeymoon. Another option is a day-of coordinator, who will make sure everything goes smoothly on your wedding day. 

Book a Venue (and Set Your Date)
Your reception venue will become the backdrop for virtually all your photos and can influence everything from heavy hitters like your budget and guest list to smaller details. Ensure that you get the look, price and extras you want by scouring local listings, shopping around, scheduling visits and booking early. Once you sign your venue contract, you will officially have your wedding date...yeah!

Shop Dresses!
Begin your search by browsing dress photos online. It's a good idea to take your favorites with you to your bridal boutique appointment. Then, learn the lingo before setting foot in a dress salon. Read up on silhouettes, necklines, trains and hues that might flatter you. The season will also affect your choice. Getting married in the sweltering summer? Go with lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, linen or organza. Having a winter wedding? Brocade, faux fur and velvet will keep you warm. Satin, shantung, silk and tulle are perfect year-round.

Have fun planning!

Top photo by Femina Photo Design